Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question about Battle Reign or do you just want to make sure you are taking advantage of all gamplay mechanics? This page is supposed to answer all questions and to give an overview of apparent and non-apparent features and will be updated with new content as soon as new questions arise.

Are there multiple ways to win a game? What is my mission objective?

  • A game is won after a player loses all mobile units, the headquarter, if the opponent resigns OR if the opponent has been reprimanded with three penalties due to being idle.
Can I access player statistics other than by taping on the bar at the bottom of the Main Menu?

  • Yes. Double tap on the home button of the in-game menu for accessing player statistics while a match (turn) is in progress.
How do I close player statistics view, unit/building details, victory view and last turn summary?

  • Tap on the header to return to the previous view.
How do I access the detail view of a unit or building?

  • Double tap on an owned unit or owned building to access it’s detail view and to take a closer look at the cargo bay interior (if outfitted).
Does the game differentiate between move and action phase?

  • Every unit is allowed to move AND allowed to perform an action once per turn. Move your unit first to make sure it can perform an action afterwards.
I can move and deploy my units, collect resources, attack enemy units and conquer enemy buildings. What about repairing my units?

  • All buildings are capable of repairing a predefined set of units (f.i. a shipyard can repair naval units but no airborne units). For now, only aircraft carriers can repair airborne units.
Can I refuel and rearm (re-ammo) units?

  • All units have an unlimited supply of fuel. Units capable of attacking the enemy will consume ammunition depending on whether they attack naval, airborne or armored units. They can be re-supplied with all types of ammunition inside buildings and with available ammunition from aircraft carriers (Western Alliance: airborne; Eastern Pact: airborne & naval) or IFV's (armored).
Is there a way to look at my opponent’s moves during the last turn?

  • If your units or buildings are affected by the opponent’s actions, a summary listing all actions will be shown at the beginning of each turn.

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