Oct 11, 2013

Battle Reign v1.4.2

The latest version of Battle Reign (v1.4.2) has just been released and can be downloaded as always manually or automatically from the app store. Introduced in this version is micro management for all units capable of attacking the enemy. A unit will consume ammo of three different types (naval, airborne, armored) depending on the whether the target is a naval, airborne or armored unit. Units can be supplied with ammo by entering buildings and selecting the re-ammo option or on the battlefield via aircraft carriers (Western Alliance: airborne units; Eastern Pact: airborne and naval units) and IFV's (armored units). 
See the full list of changes after the break.

Changelog v1.4.2:

  • NEW: Micro-Management for three types of ammunition for every unit. Units now consume different types of ammunition based on their capabilities and based on the chosen target. Units can be rearmed in buildings or by aircraft carriers (naval, airborne) and IFV’s (armored).
  • NEW: Penalties for idle turns. Three penalties lead to an automatic loss of a match.
  • UPDATED: Minor balancing adjustments for first, third and last scenario
  • UPDATED: A match is also lost if a player does not have mobile units left in his arsenal
  • FIXED: Game state not reflected properly under rare conditions
  • FIXED: Invalid games can’t be quit or removed from main menu
  • FIXED: Deployed units from cargo bay of an attacking unit fail to position correctly
  • FIXED: Audiovisual feedback after unit is destroyed not showing
  • FIXED: When choosing identical factions, some units do not have full armor initially
  • iOS7 compatibility
  • Minor cosmetic improvements


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